Get ready for a remarkable new look.

Maximize the Space in Your Basement

Basements hold a lot of potential to maximize the space in your home. Don’t let that extra floor remain unused. Let us help you transform your basement into a functional living area for you and your family.

Completing an Unfinished Basement

Maybe you’ve been staring at your unfinished basement dreaming of an entertainment area, living room, workout space, or storage. Walk us through your space and outline what you hope to accomplish with your basement remodeling project. We’ll help you design and build out a space to increase your square footage and maximize the usage to be fully functional. Our highly qualified crew can also install fireplaces, cut in egress windows, add insulation, and more.

Reworking an Dysfunctional Basement Area

What element is missing from your home that would make it more functional for your use? Let us help you visualize the untapped potential of your existing basement area and design a plan to transform it into one of your favorite home spaces.

Whether you have a blank canvas or one that requires some creativity, reach out to Adam for a consultation and estimate. We take pride in creating spaces that make our customers fall in love with their home all over again.

I have used AF Construction to do several projects in and around my home. Their work is second to none, and I couldn't be happier. Adam is a talented builder and remodeler and I am fortunate to have found a reliable and trustworthy contractor to help with all my building needs.

Basement Remodeling


If you’ve been dreaming of an updated basement, AF Construction can help make your remodel a reality.

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Get ready for a remarkable new look. Hundreds of happy homeowners endorse our attention to detail in distinctive projects. Invite us for an in-home consultation and receive a line-itemed estimate. 

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